Jimmy Webb sticks the move on Scream (V11) at the Hueco Rock Rodeo.

Photo by Merrick Ales

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99% of my time in the gym is spent making up problems on this wall. 

Ahh yes, the 45 wall is the best wall.

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Aaron Jurasevich holds the swings on Fly Boy Sit (V8),  Buttermilks, Bishop, CA. Photo Credit: Allen Tran

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Standing Kill Order, V10, The Happies, Bishop, CA

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i am physically incapable of not reblogging this

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Moonraker (V8) Buttermilks, Bishop, California. Photo credit: Allen Tran

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Ealaghol Beauty by LouisNeville

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christie. baby martini, v6. hueco tanks, texas. february 2014.

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